Workers: Timm and Mary

Location: Cheese Caverns

Intro: Screen Says Timm or Mary Sleepy Day

Timm/Mary are sleeping and the wake up and look at their clock and it is very early

in the morning and they need coffee to go back to sleep but they look in the cabinet and their is no more left

and then they look out the window and there is a new Papa's Macaroni Mia and he or she has a magizine about and it says you can get coffee there! They walk down to the restaraunt and he or she goes in and Papa Louie appears and tells him or her that they are the first late-night customer and he hands him or her keys and a uniform and looks upset and happy.





Mayor Mallow





1. Order Station

2. Bowl Station

3. Cheese Station

4. Build Station


Rotini (At Start!)




Angel Hair


American Cheese (At Start!)

Parmesan Cheese

Swiss Cheese

Mix Cheese

Cream Cheese


1. Water (At Start!)

2. Orange Juice (At Start!)

3. Apple Juice

4. Apple Cider

5. Root Beer

6. Tangerine Pop

7. Mr. Freeze

8. Dr. Cherry

9. Fizzo

10. Diet Fizzo

11. Purple Burple

12. Maple Juice

13. Milky Spiral

14. Foster's Coffee

15. Mrs. Cherry Tea

16. Ice (At Start!)

17. Decaf (At Start!)

18. Milk

19. Cream

20. Turbo Shot

21. Cinamonn

22. Sugar

23. Mint

24. Cherry Drop

25. Orange Drop

26. Mystery Extra

27. Glazing

28. Brown Sugar 

29. Chocolate Cream

30. Latte Cream

Rank ChartEdit

After: Timm/Mary

Maggie Day 2

Matt Rank 2

Sclatt Rank 3

Nevrta Rank 4

Ivy Rank 5

Foodini Rank 6

Vicky Rank 7

Georgito Rank 8

Yippy Rank 9

Johnny Rank 10

Kayla Rank 11

Gino Romano Rank 12

Doan Rank 13

Zoe Rank 14

Kingsley Rank 15

Xandra Rank 16

Willow Rank 17

Lisa Rank 18

Cletus Rank 19

Mindy Rank 20

Rico Rank 21

Mandi Rank 22

Skyler Rank 23

Allan Rank 24

Cecilia Rank 25

Rita Rank 26

Prudence Rank 27

Kahuna Rank 28

Nick Rank 29

Carlo Romano Rank 30

Bruna Romano Rank 31

Olga Rank 32

Utah Rank 33

Greg Rank 34

Boomer Rank 35

James Rank 36

Santa Rank 37

Alberto Rank 38

Taylor Rank 39

Sasha Rank 40

Clair Rank 41

Wally Rank 42

Cooper Rank 43

Akari Rank 44

Robby Rank 45

Hank Rank 46

Srage Fan Rank 47

Yippy Rank 48

Ninjoy Rank 49

Big Pauly Rank 50

Tohru Rank 51

Marty Rank 52

Wendy Rank 53

Tony Rank 54 

Papa Louie Rank 55

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