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  • I am female
  • CookiesandCream

    papa's ice creameria

    September 3, 2012 by CookiesandCream

    Chefs: Franco and Clover


    One day Franco/Clover was having a meal in the Burgeria when he/she saw a dog and he/she follows it to a prize as the chefs in the Icecreameria and he/she look a bit sad but happy.


    Johnny: In tutorial (No longer closer)

    Peggy: After tutorial

    Franco/Clover: Day 2

    Clair: Rank 3

    Hugo: Rank 4

    Mary: Rank 5

    Todd: Rank 6 (Todd is a new customer)

    Ninjoy: Rank 7 (No longer closer)

    Jim: Rank 8 (Jim is a new customer)

    Taylor: Rank 9

    Prudence: Rank 10 (New float unlocked: Pancakeria Float)

    Robby: Rank 11

    Akari: Rank 12

    Edna: Rank 13

    Roy: Rank 14 (New float unlocked: Pizzeria Float)

    Kahuna: Rank 15

    Utah: Rank 16

    Skyler: Rank 17

    Yippy: Rank 18

    Boomer: Rank 19 (No longer closer)

    Kayla: Rank 20

    Big Pauly: Rank 21

    Connor: Rank 22

    Cletus: Ra…

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  • CookiesandCream

    papa's hogdoria

    September 3, 2012 by CookiesandCream

    Chefs: Wendy and Taylor

    Asbent: none

    New customers: Vliadimir,Eva,Camil,Anna,Katniss,Jade,Virginia,sheila,pepito,mami,atrantica,frank and belly customers chart rank:

    1. Ninjoy in tutorial no longer a closer
    2. Marty after tutorial new float burgeria
    3. Bruna Romano day 2 new float the romano family
    4. wendy/Taylor day 2/3
    5. Prudence and her dog new float pancakeria day 2/3
    6. Cooper and Cookie new float Pancakeria day 2/3
    7. Tony new float Creators day 2/3
    8. Penny new float Freezeria rank 2
    9. alberto new float freezeria rank 3
    10. mandi new float wingeria rank 4
    11. Chuck new float wingeria rank 5
    12. mitch new float taco mia rank 6
    13. maggie new float taco mia rank 7
    14. cecilia rank 8
    15. Kahuna no longer a closer rank 9
    16. yippy rank 10
    17. nick rank 11
    18. greg rank 12
    19. sarge fan! rank 13
    20. sasha rank 14
    21. mindy rank 15 …
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