Chefs: Franco and Clover


One day Franco/Clover was having a meal in the Burgeria when he/she saw a dog and he/she follows it to a prize as the chefs in the Icecreameria and he/she look a bit sad but happy.


Johnny: In tutorial (No longer closer)

Peggy: After tutorial

Franco/Clover: Day 2

Clair: Rank 3

Hugo: Rank 4

Mary: Rank 5

Todd: Rank 6 (Todd is a new customer)

Ninjoy: Rank 7 (No longer closer)

Jim: Rank 8 (Jim is a new customer)

Taylor: Rank 9

Prudence: Rank 10 (New float unlocked: Pancakeria Float)

Robby: Rank 11

Akari: Rank 12

Edna: Rank 13

Roy: Rank 14 (New float unlocked: Pizzeria Float)

Kahuna: Rank 15

Utah: Rank 16

Skyler: Rank 17

Yippy: Rank 18

Boomer: Rank 19 (No longer closer)

Kayla: Rank 20

Big Pauly: Rank 21

Connor: Rank 22

Cletus: Rank 23

Sarge Fan!: Rank 24

Hank: Rank 25

Chuck: Rank 26 (New float unlocked: Wingeria Float)

Sue: Rank 27

Sasha: Rank 28

Tony Solary: Rank 29

Olga: Rank 30

Doan: Rank 31

Penny: Rank 32 (New float unlocked: Freezeria Float)

Scooter: Rank 33

Little Edorado: Rank 34

Ivy: Rank 35

Vicky: Rank 36

Mitch: Rank 37 (New float unlocked: Taco Mia Float)

Matt Neff: Rank 38

Rita: Rank 39

Gino Romano: Rank 40

Greg: Rank 41 NOTE: Rest of the customers will be in the comments.